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New device will aid in early detection of AMD

There is an exciting development in the diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A new device, the AdaptDX, will allow doctors to detect the onset of macular degeneration by measuring how fast the eyes adapt to darkness. This new device is currently undergoing clinical trials here in the United States. This device was developed upon the known dark adaptation in patients with macular disease. This is the same effect that a person experiences when coming in from bright sunlight into a dark house. Most people can recover in 30 seconds while sufferers of AMD can take minutes to recover. The creator of AdaptDX, Greg Jackson, says that the device should arrive in ophthalmologists' and optometrists' office nationwide some time this year and will most likely be incorporated into the standard eye exam for those aged over 50. The device will be able to detect if the epithelial cells within the retina are abnormal which would cause the patient to take a longer time adapting to darkness which would indicate the onset of macular degeneration. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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