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New dry eye therapy for Sjogren's patients

Patients with Sjogren's syndrome suffer from severe dry eye which is caused by their immune system attacking the glands that make tears.

The dry eye symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome can be disabling, causing severe eye pain and extreme light sensitivity.

Currently, there are only two FDA approved drugs to treat dry eye and they are not effective for everyone and people with severe dry eye in particular.

Researchers are now looking at a new therapy that involves drops that contain DNase, which is an enzyme that selectively breaks up DNA. They believe that the DNase drops might help to clear neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) from the cornea which are what cause the inflammatory response resulting in the irritation of the eye. A small clinical trialwas conducted and at the end of the trial, study participants who received the DNase eye drops had a noticeable reduction in corneal dry spots when compared to the control group. Additional larger, randomized trials will need to be conducted to prove safety and efficacy of the drops.

Many people report relief from symptoms of burning and redness when taking nutritional supplements, such as VisiVite's Dry Relief TG-1000. This is VisiVite's formula for the relief of dry eye, and not only includes the more potent form of omega 3s known as triglyeride omega 3s, but also includes natural compounds that support the health and complex chemistry of the tear film. Readers are invited to view the United States patent by clicking here.


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