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New dual-optic intraocular lens shows promise

Cataract surgery patients may benefit in the future from a dual-optic intraocular lens currently in the experimental stages. Recent studies show that the new lens improved intermediate distance vision and contrast sensitivity under low light conditions as compared to some multi-focal lenses. The current generation of multi-focal intraocular lens implants allows both eyes to focus at the same time on far or near objects. This enables patients to have a more natural field of vision with depth perception. The new dual optic lens was compared to three of these multi-focal lenses. Patients were given real life performance tests of contrast sensitivity and were measured for reading speed under low-light conditions. The new dual optic lens had the highest contrast sensitivity of all the lenses tested. Intermediate vision was also markedly better with the new lens. The problems of glare and halos remained the same with the dual optic lens. One drawback noted is that the dual optic lens does require a larger incision than those currently available. Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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