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New guidelines for diagnosing and treating dry eye symptoms

A new report which took more than two years to complete was published in a special issue of the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science outlining the recommended methods of diagnosis and treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction. Meibomian gland dysfunction is one of the leading causes of Dry Eye Syndrome and  occurs when the meibomian glands fail to secrete the proper quantity and quality of oil into the tear film. Sometimes, the oil may be thicker than normal which blocks the narrow ducts that open at the eyelid margin. Prior to this report, there was no definitive definition for meibomian gland dysfunction. The new recommendations offer methods of managing both meibomian gland dysfuntion. Methods of treating meibomian gland dysfunction revolve around unplugging the glands. Artificial tears and punctal occlusion may provide temporary relief. Nutritional supplements may also reduce symptoms. Visivite's Dry Eye Relief is one of those supplements. It addresses meibomian gland dysfuction by including phytosterols in its formula and it is the only dry eye supplement to include phytosterols.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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