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New imaging device will help diagnose eye diseases at earlier stages

A new eye imaging device developed by OcuSciences determines eye health by measuring patterns and tissues in the eye. The results of these measurements and patterns can help eye care professionals detect eye diseases such as diabetes at an earlier stage. This new device, the OcuMet Beacon, has been in development since 2008. The device is a small machine that shoots a blue light into the back of the eye and takes a picture. This causes the cells in the surrounding tissues to glow green. Cell damage is indicated where glowing is the brightest. This advanced diagnostic tool can complete its testing in two minutes with no inconvenience or pain to the patient. And the device can be used by primary care physicians to help the screen for retinal diseases and it can also be used by eye care professionals to monitor the progression of macular degeneration. It is hoped that this device will encourage people to have eye exams.

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