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New Reading Eyeglasses Offer More

Ben Franklin, the inventor of the bifocals and discoverer of electricity in lightning, never put the two together. But a new electronic eyeglass does just that. This new eyeglass lens is getting ready to hit the market and will quickly become the new standard for adults who need eyeglasses to read.? Unlike standard or "no line" bifocals, this new lens will automatically adjust from near vision to distance vision while reducing the distortion that is commonly associated with progressive lenses. The lens technology pairs an electronic lens with an artificial-intelligence frame which contains an electronic module. The wearer will have three modes to select from: automatic, manual on and manual off. Eye care professionals see these lenses as a great option for adults searching for a better choice in corrective lenses than the bifocals and progressive lenses which are currently available. Among those pleased with this new technology is Dr. Paul Krawitz, President and CEO of VisiVite.com.? "The new electronic focusing lenses will be a great boon to any adult who needs help with reading vision, and could even be especially helpful for people with low vision," states Dr. Krawitz.* Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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