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New treatments for presbyopia are being developed

Presbyopia is a common eye condition associated with aging in which the lens of the eye becomes rigid resulting in difficulty seeing and reading up-close.

Topical, non-invasive treatments may soon be available to presbyopia patients - those adults over the age of 40 who need reading glasses. Right now, the only available treatment options are corrective lenses or invasive laser procedures. Three clinical trials are underway that are testing eye drops that have been developed by Allergan, Presbyopia Therapies and Orasis Pharmaceuticals. Allergan's drops could possibly be available within the next couple of years.

The clinical trials have demonstrated that the drops from each of these manufacturers produce noticeable effects within 30 minutes of application and have a lasting effect of several hours. 

A different therapy approach is aimed at softening the rigid lens. While softening the lens may not completely restore near vision, it is hoped that the drops would stop the progression of presbyopia and would be the most beneficial for patients who have early stages of the condition.

Despite the fact that the different products still undergoing clinical trials, researchers are hopeful that at least one of the therapies will eventually offer patients dealing with presbyopia a great alternative to current therapies.

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