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NEWS RELEASE - High customer satisfaction with VisiVite Eye Vitamins

Huntington, NY (November 13, 2019) - Vitamin Science, Inc. manufacturer of VisiVite Professional Formulas for Ocular Nutrition, today announced the results of an online survey of users of their eye vitamin products. Customers expressed high satisfaction with the quality and benefits of VisiVite eye vitamins, and lauded the company's strong customer service.

VisiVite customers were asked by email to complete an online survey of their satisfaction with their purchased products and their experience with company interactions. Customers were not pre-selected in any way that would have potentially biased the results. Approximately 130 men and women responded. The survey results were strongly positive, especially when compared to the nutritional supplement industry as a whole. The complete survey results are available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/stories/SM-M93PJBS7/. [caption id="attachment_6419" align="alignnone" width="300"] CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW SURVEY RESULTS[/caption]   The findings included:
  • 88% stated that VisiVite Eye Vitamins met their ocular health needs EXTREMELY or VERY WELL.
  • 94% rated VisiVite Eye Vitamins quality as VERY HIGH or HIGH
  • 69% rated Value as EXCELLENT or ABOVE AVERAGE
  • 88% said they were EXTREMELY or HIGHLY LIKELY to purchase VisiVite again.
President and C.E.O., Dr. Paul Krawitz said he was unsurprised by the results. "VisiVite is based on the premise that some people seek high quality nutritional products for their eye health that contain premium ingredients, natural sources whenever possible, without synthetic additives or artificial colors. In the 18 years we've been in business, we've cultivated a customer base that is both knowledgeable and highly-motivated to provide the cleanest and highest quality eye formulations for their own visual health. I'm proud of our entire team of scientific advisors, GMP-certified laboratory personnel, and our customer support staff." VisiVite Eye Vitamins are available for both retail and wholesale purchases. Interested doctors and pharmacy inquiries are welcome. ### Nancy Golinko, VP Vitamin Science, Inc. 755 Park Avenue, Suite 100 Huntington, NY 11743 Retail Orders: www.visivite.com Customer Service: 1-800-427-7660, Ext 2 Wholesale Inquiries: 1-800-427-7660, Ext 4*

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