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Not keeping up with your eye vitamins?

Keeping pace with your macular degeneration eye vitamins every day can be a challenge. I know, because while 90% of my own patients take them twice daily, every day, about one in ten people struggle to keep up. And each time an autoship customer tells us to delay a shipment because they "have too many bottles," we know they're not taking them every day either. So here are two facts you need to know about macular degeneration vitamins:
  1. Taking one VisiVite per day, which is only a half-dose, doesn't have the same benefit. It doesn't even have half the benefit, and may possibly be of no benefit. That's because there is a certain minimum number of milligrams of each ingredient that you need to take to penetrate the retina. Scientific studies have proved this again and again.
  2. In macular degeneration, the goal isn't to improve vision, but instead to hear your doctor utter the golden words, "Good news, there has been no change in your macular degeneration."
Macular degeneration doesn't reverse. Take your eye vitamins twice daily, every day as directed, to stop it in its tracks.* ----- Paul Krawitz, M.D., F.A.A.O., President Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology

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