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Patients prefer dropless regimen to drops after cataract surgery

Patients overwhelmingly prefer a dropless therapy after cataract surgery rather than the traditional regimen of drops.

Conventional therapy after cataract surgery involves instilling eye drops multiple times a day for up to four weeks while the dropless regimen involves a punctal plug being inserted into the eye at the end of the surgery. 

A clinical study was conducted to compare the standard therapy to the dropless therapy to determine the safety and efficacy of the dropless therapy in preventing pain, inflammation and infection. 

Patients in the study underwent sequential bilateral cataract surgery two weeks apart and received the conventional therapy in one eye and the dropless therapy in the other eye.

Researchers reported no statistical differences in postoperative recovery between the two therapies. The patients were asked which therapy they preferred and an overwhelming 96% chose the dropless regimen. In addition to the convenience of the dropless regimen, patients also noted reduced out-of-pocket expenses. Doctors were pleased with the compliance associated with the dropless therapy.

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