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Quiz: What do Dry Eye and Natural Killers have in common?

A new study sheds light on the early cellular cause of dry eye disease. The study which is published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology reveals that natural killer cells are responsible for promoting the inflammation that is key in the development of dry eye disease. Millions of Americans suffer from dry disease and there still are no effective therapies currently available for the disease. There are treatments for the symptoms. Dr. Paul Krawitz's Dry Eye Relief Tear Stabilization Formulahas proven to be effective in treating the symptoms of dry eye disease. This latest study helps scientists to further understand the pathogenesis of dry eye disease which will aid in the development of treatments. Two groups of mice were used in the study. The first group of mice were normal and the second group had their natural killer cells removed. Dry eye disease was then induced in the mice. The mice who had their natural killer cells removed did not have as severe disease as the normal mice. Scientists deduced that the natural killer cells play a crucial role in both the development and the severity of the disease.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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