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September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month. Athletes are always careful to wear the proper equipment for their sport and wearing the proper eye protection is a vital piece of that equipment. More than 40,000 athletes suffer an eye injury every year and every 13 minutes an emergency room treats a sports-related eye injury. Each sport has a specific American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) code for their recommended eyewear. The eyewear protectors must meet or exceed the ASTM requirements. The National Eye Institute says that polycarbonate eyewear is 10 times more impact resistant than other plastics and there is no evidence that wearing eye protection impedes athletic performance. When purchasing protective eyewear, you should check the packaging to make sure the eyewear has been tested for sports use and that it is made of polycarbonate material. They should also be cushioned along the brow and bridge of the nose to prevent them from cutting into the skin. If you will be playing outdoor sports, you should purchase protection that blocks UV rays. Be sure try on the eyewear to ensure you have the right size. If you have prescription glasses, your eye doctor can fit you for prescription protective sports eyewear.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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