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Study warns of unregulated clinics

A recent study published in the journal Cell warns of a growing number of unregulated clinics in the United States offering unregulated stem cell treatments.

This alarming trend has eye care professionals urging consumers to be on alert. The unregulated clinics are able to skirt FDA oversight all because of a technicality. These clinics take cells from the patient, modify them just a bit, and then inject them back into the patient's eye. Because the cells are coming from the same person who is receiving them, the FDA does not regulate it. Eye care professionals are urging consumers to ask questions and research any clinic that they are considering receiving treatment from. First, patients should ask if any trial the clinic is offering is one that is registered with the FDA. Any legitimate stem cell research is registered with the FDA.  Second, ask if payment is required. Large clinical trials usually don't require payment or if payment is required, it is only an insurance co-pay. And finally, consult your eye care professional who would be the best possible resource regarding any eye care procedure.*

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