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Study will test the effectiveness of retraining vision after stroke

30% of stroke survivors experience a loss of vision or blindness in half of their field of vision on the right or left side.

This condition is known as hemianopia and there is currently no cure or treatment for the condition.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool will be conducting a new study starting in December that will test the effectiveness of eye "retraining" for people suffering from hemianopia. Visual scan training teaches stroke survivors to scan into their "blind" side of their field of vision.

The study participants will be asked to repeatedly locate targets on both the "seeing" and the "blind" side of their field of vision. Participants will be followed for six months to see if the treatment actually improves visual performance. Information will be gathered at eye clinic visits. 

Visual scan training can be done anytime and anywhere and costs nothing to the patient. Researchers are hopeful that visual scan training will help those with hemianopia to improve their quality of life. 

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