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Supplements, Resveratrol, and The Goddess of Longevity

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The hidden gem in VisiVite's nutritional portfolio is Reziva trans-resveratrol. The name, Reziva comes from Ziva, the Slavic goddess of longevity.

If you’ve never heard of resveratrol before, it’s the key molecule in red wine that is believed to give the French long life and slim weight. Most resveratrol that is commercially available is extracted from Japanese knotweed.

But not Reziva. Instead, its resveratrol is extracted from red wine grapes, the very source of French wine.  And it contains as much resveratrol as 30 glasses of red wine.

Best of all, there is no alcohol!

It looks like no other supplement, with its rich dark red color that shines naturally through clear vegetarian capsules.

Try Reziva today!


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