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Survey Says...AREDS 2 Eye Vitamins Are Top VisiVite Choice

Of the more than 300 responses in VisiVite Eye Vitamins survey, two-thirds use one of VisiVite's four AREDS 2 formulas, with VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold being the #1 choice. VisiVite Super Lutein 444, Blue Light Basher and Quench TG-1000 are VisiVite's fastest growing new formulas.

VisiVite's four AREDS 2 formulas are:
  1. VisiVite AREDS2 PLUS+ Gold - Exceeds the National Eye Institute's newest recommendations for macular degeneration, with 50% more Lutein and 138% more Zeaxanthin than AREDS 2
  2. VisiVite AREDS 2 Select - All-Natural gentle zinc AREDS 2 eye vitamin for macular health is made with premium all-natural ingredients and vegetarian capsules.
  3. VisiVite AREDS 2 Zinc-Free White - AREDS 2 eye vitamin for genetically-targeted macular health, especially for people with family histories of age-related macular degeneration:
  4. VisiVite AREDS 2 E-Free Blue - The world's only AREDS 2 made without Vitamin E, for people who take anticoagulation therapy.
VisiVite distinguishes itself in the industry by offering a greater selection of naturally-sourced eye nutrition with formulas that are free of GMO's, Soy, Gluten and Sugar. Browse through VisiVite's complete offering by visiting VisiVite.com or if you're unsure of what to take, by calling their knowledgable customer service staff at 1-800-427-7660 Ext 2.*

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