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The Difficult Choices with Coronavirus

The Coronavirus attack on America is a runaway train. Each time the brakes are put on through social distancing, it slows, but does not stop.

America is the current world leader in Coronavirus cases and deaths, and is faced with an impossible choice of human versus economic health. More than any other thing, the virus is testing the weaknesses in our ability to care for each other. Yet I remain optimistic that our leaders and citizens will ultimately choose to act in ways that are caring for both themselves and their neighbors.

The most important thing you can do today for yourself is to take actions that keep you healthy. Eat responsibly. Take all of your medications and vitamins, especially those for high blood pressure and diabetes. Exercise at least three days per week, if not more. And most importantly, don’t light up. These steps will not only help you to stay off a respirator if you get infected, they have a direct impact on your eye health as well.

Paul Krawitz, M.D., C.E.O. 
Vitamin Science, Inc.

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