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Trabectome another procedure available to glaucoma patients

Another procedure that is revolutionizing the treatment of glaucoma is the Trabectome. Like canaloplasty, the Trabectome is a minimally invasive surgical technique. The Trabectome works by restoring the eye's natural drainage pathways. Ultimately, this procedure stabilizes optic nerve health to minimize any further damage to the patient's field of vision. A focused electro-surgical pulse works by re-establishing access to the eye's natural drainage pathway. The Trabectome offers several advantages. There is minimal patient risk and a low complication rate. In addition, it is a safe and economical alternative to traditional therapies which include oral medications, lasers and eyedrops. Trabectome has been used successfully in both the United States and around the world since 2004. If you are a glaucoma patient, you would need to consult your ophthalmologist to see if you are a candidate for Trabectome. Dr. Paul Krawitz, the President and CEO of Vitamin Science and VisiVite.Com, is one of a limited number of certified Trabectome specialists in New York State. You can read more about Dr. Krawitz at http://www.eye-surgeons.net/paul-krawitz-md.html. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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