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Are 2 Lasers better than 1 for Cataract Surgery?

A new technique using two lasers rather than one may have clinical advantages in cataract surgery.

Scientists have been working on a new technology that utilizes a laser to both destroy the clouded lens and also use the laser to stimulate the regeneration of tissue. Details are outlined in the the Optical and Quantum Electronics.

Over the years, researchers experimented with the use of laser radiation to destroy cataracts. In the process, they noticed that this less powerful laser not only illuminates the surgical field but also stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissue. Conducting experiments to determine the most effective interaction method with the two lasers, researchers found that using both lasers at the same time was the most efficient method. 

Clinical evaluation has shown that in the long-term, use of the two lasers at the same time reduces the loss of corneal endothelial cells by 1.8 times when compared to conventional laser therapy and there have been no reports of macular edema or endothelial-epithelial corneal dystrophy.

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