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VisiVite awarded U.S. trademark for QUENCH® for dry eye

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has g

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted official trademark status for QUENCH®, VisiVite's convenient and unique supplement for the support of dry eye.

Now in convenient two-per-day medium small softgels, VisiVite Quench® TG-1000 provides essential, natural nutrients for all day relief from eye discomfort due to dry eye symptoms.

  • VisiVite Quench¬Æ TG-1000 is a doctor-invented, scientifically-based, patented nutritional formula based upon Dr. Paul Krawitz's United States Patent 7,638,142 for his Therapeutic Composition for the Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome.
  • Formulated with 1000 mg of high-potency AlaskOmega fish oil in the preferred triglyeride (TG) form. TG Omega-3s are the natural form found in whole fish that are up to 70% more absorbable than the synthetic ethyl esters form found in most other dry eye supplements. Highly bioavailable, Quench TG-1000 encourages peak delivery of Omega-3s to the eyes‚Äô lacrimal glands, where they soothe inflammation while promoting healthier tear production.
  • Provides healthy phytosterols, the lipid-soluble molecules formed by the meibomian glands that provide a "vapor barrier" against tear evaporation.
  • Curcuminoids from natural turmeric root are a natural COX-2 inhibitor that addresses the inflammation in the tear glands which can reduce tear formation.
  • Flaxseed Oil and GLA from black currant seed oil further provides natural support against inflammation.
Pure ingredients, easy absorption, a strong safety profile and high quality standards, are why Quench® TG-1000 brings superior results for tear production, moisture retention and overall eye comfort CONTAINS NO: GMO'S, SOY, GLUTEN, SUGAR, EGG, MILK PRODUCTS, ALBUMIN, WHEY, CASEIN, PEANUTS, SHELLFISH, OR FISH PROTEIN.**

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