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VisiVite Customer Survey Results on Fear of Blindness

Hundreds of people responded to my two-question survey about eye vitamins and blindness. And I learned something very important about what most of you are concerned about.

The most startling answer is that fear of losing any vision, for example having your vision decline from 20/30 to 20/70, is a greater fear for most of you than actually becoming legally blind. This is critically important for me to know, because it means that you don't want to lose ANY vision as your #1 reason for taking eye vitamins.

If there is just one recommendation I could make, it is this one:
Take your full dosage of eye vitamins every day. Set reminders, keep your eye vitamins next to your toothbrush, or take your capsules all at once rather than dividing doses. Studies show the eye health benefits only occur if you take your eye vitamins consistently.

survey pie chart fear of blindness

survey pie chart reason for taking eye vitamins


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