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VisiVite Formula Comparison

VisiVite® offers several formulas for eye health.

  • VisiVite® Select is a vegetarian, naturally-sourced AREDS 2 formula.
  • VisiVite® Gold is a vegetarian AREDS 2 with additional lutein, zeaxanthin and antioxidants. It is VisiVite's #1 seller.
  • VisiVite® White is a zinc and copper-free AREDS 2 for patients whose DNA testing shows that to be advantageous or for people who want to avoid zinc.
  • VisiVite® Blue is similar to VisiVite Gold, but without Vitamin E for people who prefer to use because they are on anticoagulation.
  • VisiVite® Balanced is a high lutein, zeaxanthin, antioxidant mix for people with family histories of eye disease.
  • VisiVite® Super Lutein 444 is a single-capsule, high potency lutein and zeaxanthin supplement.
  • VisiVite® NightSight is a lutein and zeaxanthin single capsule per day supplement with additional ingredients to support night vision.
  • VisiVite® Blue Light Basher is once daily lutein and zeaxanthin supplement with additional ingredients to aid the support of the eye against high energy blue light.

VisiVite eye vitamin formula comparison grid 

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