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VisiVite Maintains Pristine Purity During Coronavirus

VisiVite eye vitamins are packaged in a GMP-certified, environmentally-controlled environment using robotic machines. Following the packing of your supplements, they are then sealed twice for protection and purity: First, with a glued internal safety seal, and secondly, with a bottle cap and security seal. Robotic machines then pack your vitamins in cardboard boxes, which are then automatically packed for shipment to our fulfillment centers.

encapsulation machine

At the fulfillment center, staff and machines organize your vitamins into clean, stacked organized pallets. On the day of your shipment, staff who wear protective equipment and gloves pack your bottles and paper inserts into cardboard boxes, which are then securely closed. A computerized printer outputs your USPS or UPS label that is affixed to your shipment carton. USPS and UPS perform daily pickups from our fulfillment center. Your package handling in the 24 hours before its arrival to your door or mailbox is largely automated, although there can be some manual handling at the endpoints of delivery, for example, when the package is left at your door.

visivite in a usps box

Within the bottles, the VisiVite capsules remain pristine, untouched, and not vulnerable to any contamination.

We recommend that when you take delivery of your VisiVite vitamins, that you use the same precautions for the outer cardboard box that you already use when receiving your mail and all other packages. Most reports indicate that it is safe to handle mail and cardboard boxes, but some people prefer to wipe them off. When touching mail or boxes that were just delivered and handled by your postal or UPS delivery person, we recommend washing your hands afterward.

usps truck

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