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VisiVite's new lutein supplements proving popular

VisiVite's two lutein eye supplements can be taken with your AREDS 2 regimen, or on their own.

VisiVite Super Lutein 444 contains VisiVite's highest lutein ever in a single vegetarian capsule - 44 mg. Plus it has 4 mg zeaxanthin. VisiVite NightSight has 10 mg lutein, 2 mg zeaxanthin and 1 mg astaxanthin. But it is the European Black Currant and Saffron that help to support night vision sensitivity and recovery from headlight glare. If you take one of VisiVite's AREDS 2 formulas - great! DO NOT STOP taking your AREDS 2! Either of these formulas can be safely added to your VisiVite AREDS 2 regimen. If you don't have macular degeneration and are simply seeking a supplement to pump up your vision, you can take either of these exciting formulas on their own. Special Discount Combos are available when you purchase any VisiVite AREDS 2 formula along with either VisiVite Super Lutein 444 or VisiVite NightSight. Read more about these formulas here: Lutein and Night Vision Formulas *

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