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Vitamin D plays key role in diabetic retinopathy prevention

Your mother was right when she told you to take your daily vitamins. Researchers say that Vitamin D plays a key role in preventing diabetic retinopathy and that simply taking a multivitamin could help patients avoid developing the condition. Vitamin D is vital for normal insulin release and glucose metabolism and also decreases the levels of inflammatory cytokines that are up-regulated in diabetes. A study of 221 patients revealed that the patient's use of multivitamins was the only factor that was a significant indicator of who might have retinopathy and who was the least likely to have it. Patients underwent blood tests that indicated levels of Vitamin D. The serum levels of Vitamin D decreased in a direct linear relationship according to the patient's visual health. Patients with diabetes and retinopathy had the lowest serum levels. Andrea Schumann Staff Writer

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