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Vitamin E, Zeaxanthin and Mirror Images

Imagine (not during a pandemic) a receiving line of three people shaking the right hands of a hundred people who walk by. If some of the people waiting in line put out their left hand, it would be much more awkward, and shaking hands would be much less efficient, and maybe not possible. Although the left hand is the mirror image of the right, it just doesn’t work the same way. 

This analogy is the same way that molecules (the people in line) interact with the body’s cell receptors (the three in the receiving line). Likewise, nutritional molecules need to be in a specific orientation to have effect within the body. With respect to eye vitamins, the specific ingredients that this pertains to are Vitamin E and Zeaxanthin. Only the fully “right-handed” molecules have full biologic effect, and not surprisingly, it is the naturally-sourced molecules that are fully right handed. The concept is known as chirality.

With Vitamin E, the “d-alpha” designation of our plant oil Vitamin E means that the entire molecule is right-handed, whereas other manufacturers that use “dl-alpha” means that there is a mix of right and left-handed molecules, because their Vitamin E is synthetically manufactured. Likewise, VisiVite sources zeaxanthin from marigolds and paprika, and unlike meso-zeaxanthin, our zeaxanthin in the fully right-handed direction. 

It is VisiVIte’s premium ingredient sources for each of our products that make the difference in your eye health.

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