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What Causes Dry Eye Symptoms?

Irritated, burning and red eyes are the hallmarks of dry eye syndrome. But why do dry eye symptoms occur?

The normal lubricating layer of moisture in the eye is called the tear film. Far from being a simple saltwater coating of salt water, the tear film is actually a complex slurry of different compounds:

Salt watermakes middle layer of the tear film, and is why tears taste salty. This layer is made by two types of glands: the large lacrimal gland that is tucked alongside the upper outer eyeball, as well as tiny accessory lacrimal glands. Medications and supplements that address inflammation of these glands can improve salt water production, including omega 3 fatty acids, steroids, and prescription eyedrops such as Restasis and Xiidra. Punctal plugs work to slow the disappearance of salt water into the channels that drain into the nose.

Mucinis made by Goblet cells, and this is the layer that "holds" the tear film onto the corneal surface so that it doesn't merely slide off. VisiVite's Dry Eye Relief replenishes this important layer.

The oily layerof the tear film is made by meibomian glands, which are in the center of the eyelid and secrete phytosterols that coat the tear film, thereby stabilizing it. Importantly, this oily layer forms a "vapor barrier" that slows the evaporation of tears. When it's deficient, the eyes feel dry minutes after putting in artificial tear eyedrops. VisiVite's Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 replenishes this critical layer of the tear film. And warm compresses, such as our newly listed Eye Doctor Plus moist heating compress, makes the oil secrete more readily from the meibomian glands.

Only VisiVite Dry Eye Relief TG-1000has a United States patent because it addresses all the layers of the tear film - the salt water, mucin and oily layers - thereby providing all-day symptomatic relief from dry eye symptoms.


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