What do our customers think about us?

What do our customers think about us?

We asked VisiVite eye vitamin customers what they thought about us. Below is the good, the bad and the ugly, without edits. Customers who left their names agreed to have them listed for you to see.

We asked VisiVite eye vitamin customers what they thought about us. Below are the good, the bad and the ugly, without edits. Customers who left their names agreed to have them listed for you to see.


I think I remember finding your products in a web search, and I've been impressed by the variety available. My eye doctor wanted me to take the AREDS supplement with 80 mg. zinc; I'm not comfortable with a dose that high. I'm very happy with the Visivite AREDS2 Select Formula with half that amount. It's easy to believe these products are developed with care and are of high quality, even if the only evidence was the amazing letter you wrote to your subscribers in the beginning of the year, January 2021. I printed it to save! I find ordering online is easy. I like the (handsome) picture of you on the website, but I think it should be not quite as large :). Thank you for the good work you do to help so many of us who need a good product for our eyes, at a good price, and created and delivered with care and kindness.
Linda J. Prichard


I would like to see if a independent 3rd party tested your product for purity
Great question. Although not obligated to do so, we send out every lot for independent laboratory testing of ingredients. Dr. Krawitz


I have been enrolled in the auto shipment program for several years (Quarterly VisiVite Gold and Co-Defense) and my AMD has been very stable. Is this the results of your vitamins or the Eylea injections I receive every 30 days or a combination of both? Not sure we will ever know but if its working don't make any changes, maybe.

My real reason for writing is the maybe and to ask this question:
Why can't your company match the dose of the Co-Defense with the VisiVite? 90 day supply of VisiVite is 90 tablets. A 90 day supply of Co-Defense is 100 tablets. ??? I have to stop the Co-Defense shipment every couple of months in order not to have an excess of Co-Defense. This is a "pain" and on more than one occasion had me thinking of changing suppliers. I have talked with your customer service people and their only solution is to stop the Co-Defense every so often to catch up. I would think you could do better. Your comments?

Ralph Vinci


I chose VisiVite eye vitamins over others because of the credentials of Dr. Krawitz and his forthright newsletters regarding eye issues and new developments in the works. I am a careful shopper.

Your website is user friendly, and I usually order online. I just switched all my vitamins to your site, and would like to have my Reziva order combined with the other order and all shipped at one time.


Hello Dr. Krawitz,

I use to always buy the brand ICaps or Preservision's AREDS2 at my local store. However, when I realized that the vitamin E that was used in these brands was the synthetic variety, and not the natural form, I decided to look around for another brand. It seems the majority brands, in the stores and online, only use the synthetic vitamin E. This search lead me to VisiVite's website and ultimately a regular customer.

You have a number of options to choose from in the way of supplements, and it can be hard to know which one would be best for me personally. However, your comparison charts certainly help. I have decided on the AREDS2 Select formula because I do take, in other brands and different dosage amounts, some of the extra nutrients that VisiVite offers in the other formula supplements, such as the Areds2 Gold and the Balanced Ocular Support formulas. One brand supplement I take not only has lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin, but meso-zeaxanthin. One of your recent newsletter articles talked about zeaxanthin vs meso-zeaxanthin, and although I gathered from the article you believe meso-zeaxanthin is not as important as regular zeaxanthin I'm still hestitant to stop taking meso-zeaxanthin because I've read online that at least one study does indicate meso-zeaxanthin is indeed important to eye health and macular degeneration. Also, some of the your formulas have alpha lipoic acid, rather than R-ALA, which I have read is better absorbed.

VisiVite's has a great website with a nice library of information for reference and reading. The homepage with the woman is fine, but really doesn't do anything for me one way or another. Rather, I like knowing that a professional experienced doctor is behind all the products, and that quality is a priority. I do wish there were less additives and inactive ingredients in VisiVite's supplements, such as silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

I now am on the Subscribe and Save program. In one of your email letters you had stated that one of the reasons people subscribe is because it is an incentive to keep taking the supplements regularly so as not to have an excess leftover when their next order comes. This was not an incentive for me since I have always been very good about taking supplements regularly. Other than the cost savings that the program offers, I like the peace of mind of not having to keep track myself for when I need to re-order so as not to get them too soon or later than needed. I also like the assurance that I'm not locked in and can change or stop the standard order at any time.

I hope this feedback helps.


Mary M. Frost
Ionia, Michigan 48846


The reason that I like VisiVite is the quality of the product and I have encouraged others to investigate the products available. I feel confident the medication is what my husband needs for his eye problems.


I first used your AREDS2 PLUS Gold vitamins when my optometrist put me on them as a test subject. One brother had developed macular degeneration in his right eye. No other siblings developed it nor did I. The additional benefit was the vitamins didn’t contain beta carotene that was thought to cause lung cancer to former smokers. My long time friend used commercial vitamins/beta carotene. She passed away with lung cancer two years ago. My optometrist’s wife smoked and also died early. He was intent on preventing others from developing lung cancer. I’ll soon be 82 and am fine.  


When I was diagnosed with age related macular degeneration a few years ago, I researched to find a natural product to give the results of AREDS 2 study. I'm thrilled with the Visivite products! My ophthalmologist tells me to keep doing what I'm doing because everything looks good with no changes in my eyes. In fact, my vision has improved! My father, age 89, started using Visivite instead of an over the counter brand. His macular degeneration has stopped progressing. I have shared my experience with some friends that now order your products! Thank you for providing your products and great service!


Several years ago, my optometrist saw the start of some drusen in my eye. He recommended adding PreserVision AREDS to my supplement regime. I looked at the ingredients and was alarmed by the number of food colorings on the list. I try to avoid artificial food colorings as much as possible. I did some internet research and found the Vitamin Science site. What I liked was no artificial colors, more economical, and a subscription so I didn't have to remember to buy more when the bottle was empty. It has worked well.

Thanks for being there!

Be well,
Susan Morris


I have been taking visiVite eye vitamins for a few years because I was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration a few years ago. My mom had this also, so I thought I would try to stave off loss of my vision for as long as I can. Although the drusin {sp} in my eyes have increased a bit, I continue to take these over Preservision because of the extra lutein. My doctor has recently informed me of the division in eye doctors over whether such vitamins are helping or could actually do more harm than good. I would be interested to hear what other professionals say about this controversy.

The vitamins are quite costly even with ordering multiple quantities. Wish there were coupons to help with the cost.

Thank you for your time.

Sally Hofmeister


My father has macular degeneration and had researched and chosen your formula. He’s a scientist and very careful researcher. I do genealogy dna research for fun. The 23andMe me test showed I carry both macular degeneration genes that they test for. Eye site is precious. I decided a couple of years ago, while my eyes show no initial development of the disease, to give my eyes a fighting chance I would start your Balanced Ocular Support. I personally did not research you because of the extensive search done by my father. I trust him. Plus, my Mom had been forwarding your newsletters to me so I already knew I liked the company and it’s products.

The only thing I’d recommend changing is I remember being very confused at first if I should start the Ocular until I develop symptoms and then switch to the AReds, or because of my potential to possibly develop the disease I should immediately start AReds. I chose Ocular and hope that was right. I have not looked actually lately you may have changed your descriptions of the products.

Yes to subscribe to save. Takes the worry out of missing a day.

Absolutely I prefer your image on the home page. I enjoy having the personal touch. Comfort feeling. Great “bedside manner” feeling when we can’t be an actual patient.


What lead to you to choose VisiVite eye vitamins over others? Quality of products, constant research by Vitamin Science Inc & the fact that their products do not contain Soy, Wheat, or Dairy Ingredients.

Did someone advise you to choose our natural eye supplements, or are you a careful shopper? I have so many allergies & sensitivities to medications & food items that I am extremely careful about what I put in my body.

If you’re happy with your formula, let me know. If there are things you’d like to see changed, let me know. In all the years I have taken the ARED vitamins, I have had continuing good reports from my eye care professional, Dr. Paul Salmonsen, Houston Eye Associates. I have recently recommended & taken him brochures of your products so that other patients may have a reliable resource for their eye health needs.

What do you like or not like about the web site? I have had difficulty adding products to my subscription.

Do you usually order online or by phone? Is it easy for you? I have an online & enrolled in auto Subscribe to Save program.

Which home page image and message do you like better? The woman or me? Either one or both is fine with me. I don’t thing that is important regarding what your product provides.

Most of you are on our Subscribe to Save program. Other than the price savings, what do you like about it? What would you change? I don’t have to remember to order! My order is sent to me automatically so that I continue to take the vitamins every day!

Thank you for allowing me to participate in giving my opinion on your products.



I chose VisiVite because they had all the ingredients that my eye Dr. said I needed plus more. It was easier to order online than go to his office and purchase what he sold there. I have the type of macular degeneration that the shots do not work for. After the first year of taking VisiVite my macular degeneration actually improved! My eye Dr. said he had never seen that happen before. I will never stop taking these vitamins. I have special need children I need to take care of until the day I die. They will not be able to take care of me. I cannot go blind and I am scared of the dark-I know, silly but true!

Barbara Olney


I chose vizi vite From literature I received at my optometrists. I have very bad dry eye and macular degeneration. I chose The fish oil and resveratrol based on the literature. I want to do the best to protect my eyesight for as long as possible.


My eye doctor required that I get the ARED2 vitamins from you. They seem to be keeping my eyes stabilized.  I'm happy with them. Nothing needs to change.

Kathleen Legere


I have studied nutrition all my life, on my own, and it has improved my life. I rarely go to any doctors, but made an eye appointment last year and was told the macular degeneration was getting worse in one of my eyes. I have made some adjustments in my habits since then, and one was taking your formula. I also take other supplements that I have read, and that I believe are helpful to the eyes. Unfortunately, at this time my finances do not allow me to buy Visivites', multiple formulas, so I will stick with the basics.  Your website is easy to navigate, and I usually order online. Subscribe and save is usually a good deal at any outlet.

Andrea Plamondon


I'm a Vegan with Macular Degeneration. The AREDS experiments proved that a certain mix of vitamins and minerals helps to delay the progress of this disease. Unfortunately, the mixture that was tested and verified contained Omega 3 fish oil, which is clearly not Vegan. You don't have to agree with me, but my view is that my eye disease is my problem and that no fish is responsible for it, so I don't have the right to make fish suffer and die to fix it. After a lot of research I found VisiVite's Areds 2 select (Silver), which is a very close approximation of the official, tested formula, but with the fish oil left out. My doctor says that there's no evidence that the fish oil is an essential ingredient. So far, so good.

Dwight Arthur
New York 

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