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What do your car and your body have in commmon?

Your car takes you to work, the movies, the grocery store, and on short vacations. And most of us take good care of our cars. We change the oil and filter regularly. We rotate the tires. If we incur a fender bender, we usually get the bent metal fixed, both for cosmetic and safety issues.

Just like our own body, our car is our vehicle to take us where we want to go every day. But unlike our own body, we are not expected to have one car last us our entire life. So why are many of us more diligent with our automobiles than we are with what's inside our own skin? Our body is the one vehicle we have for our entire life. Yet we can be careless with it, even though the stakes of things going wrong are so much higher.

Macular degeneration and dry eye are bumps in the road, to be sure. But so is high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And taking premium quality VisiVite supplements for your eye health each and every day, as directed, is just the beginning to taking care of your "vehicle for life." You don't have to be the healthiest eater nor the most fit person on the planet. But merely striving to eat healthier and more fit always, always, always pays dividends. Since eye health and cardiac health share identical risk factors, you can accomplish improvements in both if you take a small step. How can you start? I like to make one-week bargains with myself. For example, I crave sweets after dinner, and my weight has been higher than I want it the past month. So for the next week only, I'm committing to no sweets after dinner. I'll monitor my weight the next morning and see if it makes a dent. More likely than not, it will. More importantly, I'll have taken a step to making no sweets after dinner a habit. And good habits are the cornerstone to good health.

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