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What else can I do?

Among the many rewards of formulating premium macular degeneration eye vitamins is the daily positive feedback I receive from my own patients. And the vast majority of them have enjoyed stability in their condition, with unchanging visual acuity and retinal photographs for years. Each day, I am asked, "What else can I do to keep my vision?"

My answers to them, as they are to you, fall into two groups. If you are already taking one of our AREDS 2 supplements, your first priority is to your general health. If you smoke, stop today. It is the #1 most dangerous and controllable risk factor. Next, work on keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure managed, because macular degeneration shares the same risk factors as heart disease.

Nutritionally, your AREDS 2 is the most important. But if you are looking to do more, simply adding more lutein and zeaxanthin to your regimen adds greater support to your macular pigment optical density as well as additional antioxidant capability. And it's simple to do with one of our additive lutein/zeaxanthin supplements. If you have geographic atrophy, a particular type of dry macular degeneration that involves broad areas of atrophy rather than discrete yellow-spotted drusen, I often recommend adding Nordic Naturals Pro-DHA, which is available on our site. And finally, if you have wet macular degeneration in one eye and the dry form in the other, I often suggest adding Reziva resveratrol.*

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