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The Results are In - Who Gets to Go First with Vaccine?

Nearly 100 VisiVite customers responded to a survey asking them who should get to go first with the Covid vaccine and would they get the vaccine themselves. Their answers align with many experts: Hospital and Medical Workers should have top priority, while younger adults and children should have lowest priority.

Although the food supply chain presented worrisome issues early in the pandemic in 2020, readers did not feel that food processing employees or food delivery truckers deserved priority above high risk and elderly adults.

Reassuringly, only 10% of respondents are not planning on getting the vaccine. Although the science backing mRNA vaccines such as those from Pfizer and Moderna is very strong, the speed of development and newness of the technology gave a small number of people a lack of trust in its benefits and risks, despite the rigorous data analysis prior to its approval by the U.S. FDA. One respondent went so far as to incorrectly claim that the vaccine was more dangerous than the illness.

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