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Who's the Doctor Behind VisiVite Eye Vitamins?

I’m a board-certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, and have been in private practice since 1990. In my “day job,” I’m a laser cataract and fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist who performs 500 surgeries each year.

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I’m also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at one of the country's top medical centers located in New York City, where I teach the residents in the patient clinic and prepare an annual lecture about lens implants to help them prepare for their licensing boards. Additionally, I’ve traveled to Myanmar twice to perform surgery on its indigent people, who would have been blind without international surgical help.

It is an absolute privilege to help people to see, and I take what I do with responsibility, gravity and gratitude. Since 2001, I have treated VisiVite's supplements for ocular health with the same level of care and sense of responsibility that I have with my own patients.

You can find out more about my obsession with maintaining quality for your eye nutrition at https://www.visivite.com/pages/visionary-eye-nutrition.


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Dr. Paul Krawitz, President and CEO
Vitamin Science, Inc.

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