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Wink-controlled contact lenses created to treat macular degeneration

The prototype of wink-controlled contact lenses was unveiled at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting recently. This most recent prototype is an improvement upon a model introduced back in 2013. The new version comes with smart glasses and a tiny reflective telescope that is activated by a wink of the eye. The low vision device works by light hitting the lens and then small mirrors bouncing the light around, which then changes how the wearer discerns the size of objects that they see and their entire field of vision is magnified. The user must wear the smart glasses with the contacts in order for them to work. The smart glasses respond to the wearer's winks. The zoom is turned on by the right eye and the left eye deactivates it and brings it back to normal vision. Images are sent to the retina via the smart glasses and these light images are converted into electric impulses. The converted and transmitted signals are what enable the user to "see". Additional research is needed, but researchers believe the lenses hold a lot of promise for macular degeneration patients. The device was actually funded by the Pentagon and originally made to serve as a "bionic" vision for soldiers. This means that the cost of the lenses will have to be significantly reduced to make it an affordable option for the average citizen.*

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