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Women with high cholesterol face higher risk of dry eye syndrome

A recent study reveals that women who have high cholesterol have a higher risk of developing dry eye syndrome than those with normal cholesterol levels. Men with high cholesterol were also at risk but the rate was higher among women. Researchers at St. Mary's Hospital in Seoul, South Korea analyzed health and nutrition data of 5,627 Koreans. They found that women with cholesterol readings of more than 200mg/dL were 1.77 times more likely to develop dry eye syndrome than the general population. Five percent of men and 15 percent of women with high cholesterol had dry eye syndrome. Researchers believe that the high cholesterol obstructs the meibomian glands thus causing tears to dry up. Located in the eyelids, the meibomian glands secrete an oily substance onto the surface of the eye, which prevents excessive drying of tears. VisiVite's Dry Eye Relief addresses tear evaporation by replenishing the inner and outer layers of tear film.*

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