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Wow - Wisconsin Study shows decline in Macular Degeneration!

A study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine revealed a drop in the number of Americans with signs of age-related macular degeneration. Researchers examined the eyes of over 5500 participants over the age of 40 and compared those results to a similar study which was conducted 15 years ago. Researchers found that about 30% fewer Americans showed signs of macular degeneration while 6.5% had some signs and less than 1% had late stage age-related macular degeneration. This report confirms similar findings of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen which determined that the rate of age-related macular degeneration has declined by almost half over the past decade. Researchers believe that a reduction in the number of smokers may be a contributing factor in the decline of the eye disease. Smoking is a major risk factor for AMD. In addition, improvements in diet as well as increased physical activity may also account for the decline.*  

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