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Glaucoma elevates the intraocular pressure in a patient's eyes. A surgical procedure known as trabeculectomy has been the only surgical method available to reduce the elevated eye pressure. This surgical technique is invasive and carries a risk of infection or pressure which is too low post-operativ
The eyes may be more than the windows to the soul. They may allow doctors to diagnose neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's years before the onset of symptoms. An eye test in early development may transform doctors' ability to detect and treat diseases such as glaucoma and Alzheimer's. Th
Acucela Inc. has announced Phase 2 clinical trials of it's ACU-4429 for the treatment of dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).? ACU-4429 works by decreasing the levels of toxic products in the eye thus hopefully stopping the advance of dry AMD. More than 29 million people worldwide are affe
Patients are frequently concerned about the benefits and risks of medical procedures. And the standard of care for the treatment of wet macular degeneration is injections of a drug into the vitreous cavity of the eye, where it hopefully causes atrophy and elimination of abnormal blood vessels that l
Diabetic African-American patients may benefit from a reduction of calories and sodium in their diets. Regulating caloric and sodium intake may reduce the development and progression of diabetic retinopathy.
There is an exciting development in the diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A new device, the AdaptDX, will allow doctors to detect the onset of macular degeneration by measuring how fast the eyes adapt to darkness. This new device is currently undergoing clinical trials here in the
Children who have rapidly progressing myopia (nearsightedness) may benefit from wearing bifocals rather than single-vision eyeglasses.
For people suffering from severe forms of dry eye, relief may be found in the form of cyclosporine. Cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion, or better known by its prescription name of Restasis, can increase tear production and reduce dry eye symptoms.
While not as well known as an orange or an apple, the fruit of a tamarind tree may find an explosion in popularity. Scientists are encouraged by results of clinical trials using eye drops made from tamarind fruit to relieve Dry Eye syndrome. The new eye drops offer a combination of two active ing
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in Americans over the age of 65. This risk is greatly increased when smoking is added to the equation. The January 2010 issue of the America
Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness among those dealing with diabetes. Diabetic macular edema can lead to progressive diabetic retinopathy. Laser photocoagulation is still the preferred method of treatment despite successful use of corticosteroid injections. Researchers were led
Fiction may become a reality in the near future. Many people remember the television show "The Six Million Dollar Man" and the main character, Steve Austin's "bionic" eye. Researchers are trying to develop a flexible retinal implant to restore vision for those suffering from age-related macular dege
For years, doctors have been warning people about the health risks of a diet high in polyunsaturated fats. Along with other areas of a person's health that are affected by such diets, a person's vision is at risk as well. Scientists have recently discovered that the amount and type of fats consumed
Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is becoming increasingly common. A study published in this week's Archives of Ophthalmology shows an alarming rise in the rates of myopia among Americans. Americans aren't the only ones expe
The discovery of a new inherited eye disease will hopefully? provide a deeper understanding of other common retinal diseases. The new eye disease which affects the macula was discovered by scientists at the University of Iowa. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="260"]
Aspirin is a cheap over-the-counter-medication that is often hailed for its benefits in reducing the risk of heart attack in patients. However, aspirin does not? decrease the risk of vision loss in elderly patients.
Stem cells that can be derived from patients may? provide a possible treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Unlike embryonic stem cells which can cause an immune rejection in the patient, induced stem cells are taken from the patient directly.
There is good news for people who take statins to reduce their cholesterol levels. A study published in the December 2009 issue of Ophthalmology concludes that the use of statins
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Peripheral vision affects many areas of our lives, including driving. It is also an integral part of team sports such as football and basketball. Unlike other visual problems, peripheral vision loss cannot be fixed by using glasses or contacts. The two components of vision are central vision and
The eyes can be a good indicator of a person's overall physical and mental health. Visual symptoms can aid a physician in correctly diagnosing other physical and mental problems.
In the twenty years that I've been in practice, I've witnessed a skyrocketing rate of Diabetes Mellitus. More than half of the diabetics in my practice are poorly controlled, and each week it seems, I discover bleeding of the retina in someone who didn't know that he or she even had diabetes.
Children today are growing up as a computer generation. Along with the benefits of being computer savvy, there are risks of too much time in front of a monitor. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is caused by stress put upon the eyes by working with a computer screen.
The NeoVista Vidion ANV Therapy System is currently undergoing phase 3 clinical trials for FDA approval. The Vidion system is used to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It is an epimacular brachytherapy device that delivers a single dose of therapeutic radiation according to
The journal Retinal Physician contained an article by Dr. Emily Chew, Deputy Director of The Division of Ophthalmology and Clinical Research at the National Eye Institute explaining why people do not take sufficient eye nutrition.
Many people suffering from obesity turn to gastric bypass surgery as a weight loss solution. The procedure is not without its risks and resulting problems. Vitamin deficiencies are a side effect of gastric bypass surgery as well as other abdominal surgeries. A deficiency in Vitamin A may result in n
Many people suffering from depression turn to the herbal supplement, St. John's Wort, as a natural remedy. A new study, however, found a relationship between use of the herb and the development of cataracts.
Obesity is a major risk factor in both the onset and progression of several sight-threatening conditions. Despite this, a majority of the public is unaware of the link between obesity and vision loss. A recent study conducted by the Eyecare Trust found that only 8% of those surveyed connected obesit
Iritis is an inflammation of the iris. Iritis can be caused by an underlying condition such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus, Sarcoid, Shingles or inflammatory bowel disease or trauma to the eye, among others. In approximately half of cases, iritis occurs spontaneously without a known cause.
Technological advances in ophthalmology allow eye doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat diseases of the eye. Instead of relying upon a vision screening to catch underlying problems with the eyes, an OCT scan provides eye doctors with a 3D look of the retina.
A national study finds that cataract surgery proves to be beneficial to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients. The American Academy of Opthalmology details this report in their November issue of
November is Diabetes Awareness Month and many people do not realize that this
Lutein, found in spinach and other green leafy vegetables, is one of several important nutrients that helps protect the eyes from the free radical changes that can affect healthy eye function macular degeneration and cataracts. Two studies show that this carotenoid may support eye health in other ways as well.
The journal Ophthalmology, compared the injection of Lucentis (ranibizumab) and Avastin (bevacizumab) into mice. Lucentis and Avastin had similar efficacy at suppressing sub-retinal neovascularization (wet macular degeneration) in mice but the effect lasted longer with Avastin.
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Phytosterols, long known for their cholesterol-lowering action, are emerging as cancer-fighting powerhouses. Phytosterols, the structural components in the cell membranes of plants, have long been known to reduce serum total and LDL cholesterol levels. Now, new research indicates that they may help to prevent cancer as well.
It was just a few months ago on the VisiVite Blog that we published studies regarding stem cell research for treatment of eye disease which shortly followed the new federal laws that were enacted. But in a scientfic stem-cell breakthrough today out of the University of Wisconsin (Madison), resear
In LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis), a flap is created and the laser reshaping is then performed below the flap. Laser treatment to treat near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism, is not benign.
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Insulin, a hormone manufactured by the islet cells in the Pancreas, is critical to good health. Insulin doesn?t dissolve glucose; rather, it moves glucose (simple sugar) out of the bloodstream and into the cells in muscle and the liver, where it is converted into glycogen, an energy storage molecule
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Many children in the United States have low vitamin D levels raising their risk for b
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If you haven't joined Facebook yet, you're missing out on my Ask The Eye Doctor group. (not to mention all the people from high school who you've long forgotten!) Let's face it - we all have questions when we go to th
Are you concerned about the state of musical education in our country? If so, I must share with all of you a speech given last week by Wynton Marsalis. Marsalis, who has won a Pulitzer Prize in Music a
Just three years after the discovery of some of the genetic causes of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a Canadian company is less than one year away of bringing to market a simple test of saliva that can be done at your doctor's office.
Newspapers are always looking for the next great story for excitement and to garner read
The Geron Corporation, based in Menlo Park, California, reported in a news release that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FD) cleared the company's Investigational New Drug application for the clinical trial of GRNOPC1 for the specific use in patients with subacute complete thoracic spinal cord injuries.
As this season's football teams celebrated their respective division championships with champagne, with corks flying around the room painting each others' faces with the pressurized spray, I was motivated to warn my readers about avoiding a potentially devastating eye injury. Just three months ag

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