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VisiVite's two lutein eye supplements can be taken with your AREDS 2 regimen, or on their own.
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Trust in the company, plus a wide Choice in Eye Formulas, Natural Ingredients, and Automatic Delivery make VisiVite popular among doctors and customers. See the results of the three survey questions below. Of the more than 300 responses in VisiVite Eye Vitamins survey, two-thirds use on
Of the more than 300 responses in a recent survey, "Trust in Company" was the most important reason that customers buy VisiVite Eye Vitamins for their eye health. The rest of the list would make any supplement manufacturer so proud they would blush: Wide Choice in Eye Formulas, Natural Ing
Of the more than 300 responses in VisiVite Eye Vitamins survey, two-thirds use one of VisiVIte's four AREDS 2 formulas, with VisiVite AREDS 2 PLUS+ Gold being the #1 choice. VisiVite Super Lutein 444,
Of the more than 300 responses in VisiVite Eye Vitamins survey, nearly two-thirds use them because they have a diagnosis of Macular Degeneration, a potentially blinding eye disease more likely to occur as people age. Rounding out the list as reasons p
One of the benefits of formulating macular degeneration supplements and being an eye physician who examines patients is that you can experience the fruits of your sleepless nights fretting about choosing the best natural ingredients that are based upon the latest scientific research. And s
Green and red lasers that carry low power and are used for presentation pointers can cause retinal burns if the ey
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The first stand-alone prosthetic iris has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
More than 7 million people in the United States are affected by diabetic retinopathy.
Adolescents living in the U.S. have a higher prevalence of obesity and type 2 Diabetes and are at higher risk of
In case you missed the big news, VisiVite has launched two new lutein eye supplements that can be taken with your AREDS 2 regimen, or on their own.
Anthem Inc., the umbrella company for Empire BlueCross BlueShield, is implementing a new
The biggest mistake people make with eye vitamins? Not taking the correct dosage. Studies 2
The research on Omega 3 fatty acids alone for the treatment of dry eye is a mixed bag, with some studies showing benefit, while others show none._x000D_ We're not surprised._x000D_ Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory benefits, but only address the lacrimal gland function. And eve
Elderly patients who undergo cataract surgery will now have the option of receiving a single injection of Dexycu immediately following surgery. Dexycu was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for inflammation associated with cataract surgery. Currently, post-opera
Between the invisible wavelengths of ultraviolet and infrared light, there is the rainbow of visible light. Most light is safe for the eyes, but there is a narrow band in the blue light spectrum that some studies suggest can hasten the death of retinal cells, and in turn, possibly lead to macular degeneration.
Resveratrol red grape extract for Weight and Glucose Control, Heart and Eye Health
Our latest VisiVite Eye Vitamins brochure with all of our new products is at the printer. You'll get one with each order you place at VisiVite.Com. Take a sneak peak below.

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