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Vision's Role in Emotional Happiness

NEWS RELEASE, Huntington, NY - In July 2019, Huntington Eye Care of 755 Park Avenue in Huntington, celebrated its one year anniversary of joining OCLI, one of the country's premier ophthalmology practices. 

The theme of the anniversary celebration was, "Vision's Role in Emotional Happiness," and several activities took place at the event.


The Guide Dog Foundation of Long Island was OCLI Huntington Eye Care's honored guest, and several gift baskets and silent auctions were available to raise money for one of New York's most visible and worthwhile charitable organizations. From puppy walking to professional training, housing and care of its wonderful animals, The Guide Dog Foundation provides "sight" and companionship to those whose vision is most impaired, allowing the person critical independence and happiness.

Scarlett Willems, a brilliant young artist with Chiari Syndrome, will be displaying her vivid, profound and highly personal work, and discussing how the creation of her pieces and their visual beauty have been inspirational in helping her cope with the pain and uncertainty of her illness.

Lorena Carbajal, a gifted Certified Ophthalmic Technician who is an expert in eye and facial makeup, will be demonstrating techniques and materials that are best practices to avoid complications, while promoting best appearances when addressing imperfect eyelid or facial anatomy.

Dr. Paul Krawitz, VisiVite C.E.O. and Chief Ophthalmic Surgeon at OCLI Huntington Eye Care, will share his experiences in providing critical eye care services and surgeries during his two medical missions in Myanmar, a third world country where 30 year-old men can become blind invalids as a result of black cataracts. Uniquely for a physician's office, Dr. Krawitz has over 70 inspirational photographs from around the world on display in the OCLI Huntington Park Avenue medical office, dovetailing with the ophthalmology practice's mission of creating happiness by providing pristine vision for a lifetime.


For more information about our future fund-raising events for The Guide Dog Foundation, contact:
Deborah Willems
OCLI Huntington Eye Care
755 Park Avenue Suite 100
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 223-0400

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