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Our practice has been recommending VisiVite Dry Eye Relief TG-1000 to every dry eye patient we see. The patients love it. They feel a great relief from not having to constantly feel a burning or itching sensation and being free of hourly tear drops. Our practice recommends these products to everyone!
Monique M. Barbour, M.D.
We see approximately 120 patients per week with about 15% having or being at risk for macular degeneration. Using the AREDS as our reference we became aware of the importance of nutritional supplements in the prevention of the progression of macular degeneration. This along with various other studies on the importance of vitamins for general eye health and AREDS2 prompted us to look for a supplement that fit the needs of our patients. Visivite showed itself to be the only company who took pains to offer the ratio of different vitamins supported by this research.
Dr. Kendal Piatt, O.D.
We have been recommending VisiVite for several years. AREDS2 formulation vitamins are the mainstay in the treatment of dry AMD which affects about 1.7 million Americans. We find that the VisiVite vitamins fit the needs of our patients. We can recommend different formulations based on the patients' history. The quality is unsurpassed, they are well tolerated which increases patient compliance. At "Island Retina" our mission statement is to provide outstanding retinal care in a warm and supportive environment. I have been practicing for more than 20 years. We love taking care of patients with retinal disease including diabetes, macular degeneration and retinal detachments. Our practice is unique in that we have a surgery center,we are involved in several national research projects as well as our own research, and we have a satelite office in Commack, NY. I do a great deal of lecturing throughout the country as part of my committment to education.
Pamela Weber, M.D.
Retinal Surgeon
East Florida Eye Institute specializes in the treatment of Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease, and Dry Eye Disease. We recommend the use of VisiVite for all of our Macular Degeneration patients.
Ronald E. P. Frenkel, M.D.
We recommend that all of our patients take VisiVite AREDS2-based vitamins, due to the evidence based nature of the formula.
Marc Lay, OD
I've been in practice for 36 years. We see many patients with Macular Degeneration and dry eyes. As a general Ophthalmologist, I see patients with varying Eye problems including cataracts and glaucoma. Based on the AREDS2 study, a vitamin like Visivite is the only treatment for Macular Degeneration available today.
Martin L Weinhoff, MD
This combination of nutrients, found in supplements like Ocuvite and VisiVite, is now widely recommended for people with moderate or severe macular degeneration. Current or former smokers may be better off with VisiVite's Smoker's Formula, which leaves out the beta-carotene (beta-carotene supplements my increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers).
Marvin Moe Bell, M.D., M.P.H.
Physician and Author
I recommend VisiVite to all my macular degeneration patients. Based on the latest AREDS2 study, lutein and zeaxanthin absorption was increased when beta-carotene was eliminated. Therefore, I advise all my AMD patients to take VisiVite AREDS2 Plus+ Gold Formula for maximal protection, as it contains all the necessary ingredients as recommended by this latest research.

Dr. Cohen is a distinguished Fellow of The American Academy of Optometry.
Dr. Madeline Cohen, O.D.
Optometrist, F.A.A.O.
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Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial (LAST)

The Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation Trial (LAST) for the treatment of Macular Degeneration

ST. LOUIS, MO, April 6, 2004 A study appeared as the April, 2004, cover story for Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association finds that taking the right combination of lutein, vitamins and antioxidants may counter or reverse the effects of Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) and lead to healthier and more productive lives for patients. ARMD is the leading cause of blindness in the United States, affecting ten million nationwide. Currently, there is no FDA-approved treatment for "dry" (atrophic) form of ARMD.

ARMD is caused by the deterioration of the macula, the central portion of the retina that is responsible for central vision in the eye. It controls our ability to read, drive a car, recognize faces or colors and see objects in fine detail. ARMD is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. for those ages 55 and older, affecting more people than cataracts and glaucoma combined.

In previous studies, lutein has been shown to prevent and even reverse ARMD. Lutein is the primary carotenoid present in the macula that prevents sunlight from damaging the retina over time. It can be found in spinach and other dark, leafy-green vegetables. In prior studies, its antioxidant power has appeared to shield the retina from much of the harmful light that gets through to the eye, making the consumption of lutein-rich vegetables one of the best ways to prevent ARMD.

In March 2003, the U.S. Government's Veteran's Administration Hospital in Chicago completed a new study that offers hope for reversing vision loss. This nearly two-year-long study expanded upon previous studies on lutein by comparing the effects of lutein with and without additional carotenoids and antioxidants on patients who suffered from the "dry" (atrophic) form of ARMD.

The study involved the use of multi-vitamin which contained a high level of a special form of lutein (FloraGLO) along with other antioxidants and minerals. The study involved three groups, including a Placebo Group. The Lutein-only Group, who was administered only lutein, and the vitamin plus lutein group. Both showed improvement in near visual acuity and in contrast sensitivity function (CSF), which identifies retinal problems at an earlier stage than conventional testing. In fact, according to the study, the vitamin plus Lutein Group showed greater recovery in their quality of vision.

Compared to the Placebo and Lutein-only Groups, the vitamin plus lutein Group experienced faster glare recovery, a known measure of macular function and retinal health. In macular pigment optical density (MPOD), one of the most accurate signals for ARMD risk, the vitamin plus lutein group increased by 43%, as compared to the 36% improvement of the Lutein-only Group, and a decrease in the group taking a placebo.

This recent study shows the high-potential benefits of using a multi-vitamin formula that combines lutein with other antioxidants and vitamins. This new insight offers promising leads in reversing vision loss.

To download a copy of the complete study findings, click here.

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