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VisiVite AREDS2 Red & ProDHA-1000 Omega 3 Discount Bundle

"We have been recommending VisiVite for several years. AREDS2 formulation vitamins are the mainstay in the treatment of dry AMD which affects about 1.7 million Americans. We find that the VisiVite vitamins fit the needs of our patients. We can recommend different formulations based on the patients' h... (read more)"
Pamela Weber, M.D.
Retinal Surgeon
"We see approximately 120 patients per week with about 15% having or being at risk for macular degeneration. Using the AREDS as our reference we became aware of the importance of nutritional supplements in the prevention of the progression of macular degeneration. This along with various other studie... (read more)"
Dr. Kendal Piatt, O.D.
"When our practice decided to dispense eye vitamins to assist our patients in making the right choice for their eye health, my research lead me to Visivite. High quality products made the right way... no compromise."
Dr. Jeffrey Martin, M.D.
"East Florida Eye Institute specializes in the treatment of Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease, and Dry Eye Disease. We recommend the use of VisiVite for all of our Macular Degeneration patients."
Ronald E. P. Frenkel, M.D.
"We recommend that all of our patients take VisiVite AREDS2-based vitamins, due to the evidence based nature of the formula (doses are based on the NIH study of macular degeneration)."
Marc Lay, OD
"I've been in practice for 36 years. We see many patients with Macular Degeneration and dry eyes. As a general Ophthalmologist, I see patients with varying Eye problems including cataracts and glaucoma. Based on the AREDS2 study, a vitamin like Visivite is the only treatment for Macular Degeneration ... (read more)"
Martin L Weinhoff, MD
"This combination of nutrients, found in supplements like Ocuvite and VisiVite, is now widely recommended for people with moderate or severe macular degeneration. Current or former smokers may be better off with VisiVite's Smoker's Formula, which leaves out the beta-carotene (beta-carotene supplement... (read more)"
Marvin Moe Bell, M.D., M.P.H.
Physician and Author
"I recommend VisiVite to all my macular degeneration patients. Based on the latest AREDS2 study, lutein and zeaxanthin absorption was increased when beta-carotene was eliminated. Therefore, I advise all my AMD patients to take VisiVite AREDS2 Plus+ Gold Formula for maximal protection, as it contains... (read more)"
Dr. Madeline Cohen, O.D.
Optometrist, F.A.A.O.
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Save $20 on this specially priced combination of two leading macular degeneration formulas:

VisiVite AREDS2 Red Formula and Nordic Naturals ProDHA-1000. Contains powerful carotenoid antioxidants, zinc, and highly purified triglyeride-form, macular-specific 900 mg DHA essential omega 3 fatty acids. Several studies have found benefit to omega 3s supporting atrophic macular changes and maintaining a healthy retinal state.

  • Made with the exact United States original National Eye Institute AREDS2 study ingredients, including FloraGLO Lutein from Kemin, OmniXan Zeaxanthin and 900 mg Triglyceride pure Omega-3 fatty acids from Norway.
  • NO artificial ingredients or sweeteners, NO artificial color and NO sugar.
  • Premium easy-to-swallow vegetarian Vcaps Plus (VisiVite AREDS2 Red) and softgels (ProDHA)
  • Omega 3s may help to control tissue inflammatory mediators
  • Recommended for both smokers and non-smokers (does not contain beta-carotene).

Based on the original AREDS2 clinical study. Includes pharmaceutical-grade omega 3 ROPUFA fish oil.

VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 AREDS2 AREDS 2 Supplement Facts: 10 mg FloraGLO Lutein, 2 mg OPTISHARP zeaxanthin, 1228 mg omega 3's, 80 mg zinc oxide, 2 mg cupric oxide

Question: How does this product compare to XXXXX?<br /> Answer: The product you reference contains beta carotene, which is no longer recommended as a supplement ingredient due to its competition with lutein and zeaxanthin. Additionally, AREDS2 confirmed that beta carotene raises the risk of lung cancer in smokers and former smokers. Finally, compared with the formula you reference, VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 contains 300% more zeaxanthin.<br /><br />Question: According to the supplement facts on your VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2, it states Zinc as 80 mg and Copper 2mg. This seems higher than recommended by XX Publication. The article is written by XX, MD.He recommends 0.9 mg of copper and 11 mg zinc daily. Why the discrepancy?<br /> Answer: The National Eye Institute, the most prestigious ophthalmologic research laboratory in the country, recommends higher daily zinc ingestion based on the results of thousands of patients in both the AREDS and AREDS2 research trials. In fact, in the AREDS trial, Zinc oxide 80 mg was nearly as effective as the entire AREDS formula.<br /><br />Question: Is zinc oxide 80mgs a safe dose over a long period?<br /> Answer: The first AREDS research completed in 2001 found that this dose was well-tolerated among thousands of patients. AREDS2 published in May 2013 studied 80 mg versus 25 mg Zinc oxide daily. Although a scientifically significant difference in AMD support was not found, there was a tendency to favor the higher dose.<br /><br />Question: Why is omega 3 added to the mix? AREDS2 found no benefit from inclusion of omega 3s.<br /> Answer: AREDS2 tested omega 3 essential fatty acids, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, Vitamins A, C and E, but found no benefit to omega 3s in slowing the progression of established moderate macular degeneration. However other studies have found reduced development of geographic atrophy ( and wet macular degeneration ( as well as the prevention of macular degeneration in healthy retinas (<br /><br />Question: People with Stargardt's need to avoid Vit A or betacarotene supplements. Would the Premier Ocular Formula 2 be appropriate?<br /> Answer: There is no beta carotene in VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2.<br /><br />Question: what importance would you place on astaxanthin as a supplement in the armd <br /> Answer: Astaxanthin is not a part of our macular degeneration formulas and was not a part of the Age-Related Eye Disease Study.<br /><br />Question: What type of fish is used in this product?<br /> Answer: Anchovy, sardine and herring. VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 uses ROPUFA 75-25 pharmaceutical grade, highly purified Omega 3 oil from DSM Roche, which is the very same Omega 3 used in the National Eye Institute's AREDS2 research.<br /><br />Question: Where is VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 sold in Marin County, California?<br /> Answer: VisiVite formulas and are sold at and by participating doctors' offices. Your doctor can become a licensed dispenser by calling our customer service staff at 1-800-427-7660, Ext 2.<br /><br />Question: I am 87 years old and have been taking visivite gold vitamin for several years. I feel it has kept my AMD from complete blindness. My left eye only has small vision on the outer corner. My right eye has sight, but I'm starting to lose sight in the corner. I take avastin shots in my right eye every ten weeks. Which of these vitamins will work best for me?<br /> Answer: With wet macular degeneration in your right eye, we recommend either adding omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils) to your nutritional regimen, or simply taking VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2. Note that Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 requires a total of 4 large gelcaps daily taken in divided doses.<br /><br />Question: I am a smoker so do not use betacarotene. Is it all right to take Vitamin A? Thanks.<br /> Answer: Yes, it is alright to take vitamin A. It's just the high doses of beta carotene that are associated with the increased risk of lung cancer in smokers.<br /><br />Question: I have problems swallowing large caps. Are there chewables or small sizes? <br /> Answer: VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 is a liquid softgel and cannot be broken apart or chewed. We recommend instead that you look at VisiVite i-Defense Gold or Green Formulas, in which the capsules can be opened and their contents emptied into food or drink. For more information, see<br /><br />Question: How do you know if you should take AREDS or AREDS 2 formula?<br /> Answer: Our Vitamin Finder will help you find the VisiVite formula that's right for you. Go to: Or, call our Customer Service specialists at 1-800-427-7660 if you need further help.<br /><br />Question: When did you change the label on the bottle. I assume that it is still the same formula.<br /> Answer: New great look. Same great formula.<br /><br />Question: i have glaucoma and cataracts, age 60 which vitamin is best for me?gold formula or no.2areds 2?<br /> Answer: Both VisiVite Gold and VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 are excellent formulas for macular health. But in the absence of macular degeneration, we would recommend VisiVite Balanced Ocular Support.<br /><br />Question: Reziva resveratrol concentrated extract What is it and would it help md? 64yr old never smoked, family history of mac deg. Last summer my doc found more blood vessels. Thank you for your help. Donna<br /> Answer: Reziva is Vitamin Science's brand of resveratrol, and differs from those in the mass market in that it is derived from French red grapes. Reziva is a natural concentrated trans-resveratrol extract made from French red wine grapes. Reziva promotes cardiac health and supports good eyesight and macular function. For additional information,please visit our web site at<br /><br />Question: will visivit for. no. 2 cure ared<br /> Answer: There is no cure for macular degeneration. Based upon the most promising research in the fight against macular degeneration, VisiVite Premier Ocular Formula No. 2 is Vitamin Science's most potent formula for people who wish to prevent or treat macular degeneration. <br /><br />
VisiVite AREDS2 Red & ProDHA-1000 Omega 3 Discount Bundle
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Ronald Risdon
5 Stars

It saved my eyesight!
August 11, 2011
My Eye Doctor: Michael Lyle Wilson, 101 Walnut St., Manistique, MI. 49854. (906)341-5689. Saw me in Dec., 2008. He told me that I was in the early stages of dry AMD. Gave me your information and I have been using your Ocular Premier Formula 2, and Co-Defence Vitamins every since. I was seen by my VA Hospital's Optomitrist and Opthamologist every 3 months afterwards. [ I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran, USAF 68-72 SP/SF ] Upon the 6th month exam my AMD had reversed and on the 9th month exam, the Opthamologist told me I was OK ! Needless to say I was thrilled and thanked God for you people at VisiVite/Vitamin Science !!! Your products WORK ! Even so...I will continue to take them for the rest of my life. [ I'll be 63 in Sept.} (-:) My vision is good, although trifocals are not fun, especially since I have a recording studio, do free lance voice overs, remaster old records and tapes to CD, etc. Spend alot of time at my computer and it goes without saying that my vision is quite necessary for my line of work. Thank you so much for providing products that saved my eye sight !!! Sincerely, Ronald Risdon

Jan Dillon
5 Stars

As a nurse, I'm extremely grateful to have found your eye vitamin.
January 5, 2011
I live in Saint Johns, Florida. I was just calling about your Premier Ocular Formula 2. I am a nurse in my career with dystrophy(?) due to a doctor hitting my cornea. Since I have been taking VisiVite, I have got partially my vision back. I can see objects clearer. I am able to see even peoples' faces now on TV. And, I'm going to have a cataract removed off of that eye which will increase my vision better, I hope. But thanks to you, I am able to see things without running into them. I'm driving better and I just wanted to thank you so much for your product. This is my second time ordering double doses of this product. And, thank you very, very, very much.

Varda Y.
5 Stars

Wonderful products!
December 3, 2009
I take VisiVite and Co-Defense regularly for a few years now, and I guess that's what keeping my problem steady. I also discovered the pill for dry eyes, and find it wonderful. My daughter used to put drops 20-30 times a day. After I gave her the pill for dry eyes, she puts in drops maybe once or twice a day. Thank you for your wonderful products.

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