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94% of VisiVite eye vitamin customers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Vitamin Science, manufacturer of VisiVite Professional Supplements for Ocular Health, announced that a very high percentage of their customers are fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus as of July 25, 2021. 


covid vaccine survey 


The company conducted a survey of all its retail customers from July 21 through July 25, 2021. Customers were asked their vaccination status, as well as the reasons that were instrumental in helping them make their decision for or against getting the vaccine. Ages of respondents ranged from 35 and older, with a majority 65 and older, and 220 people responded.


covid vaccination reasons survey  


VisiVite users are a select, health-conscious group of individuals who seek regular medical care, and in many cases, have eye and general health conditions for which they take both nutritional supplements and prescription medications. They are particularly motivated and proactive regarding their own health. These very same personal characteristics drive them to learn how the vaccine works, and to critically analyze reliable sources of information.

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