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Vision and Eye Exams

Extensive scientific research validates that eye vitamins may help with glare and haloes through multiple biological actions within the eye. Some of the most researched eye nutrients for glare reduction include the following:
A simple test of vision quality that detects even minor changes when they first occur is the Amsler Grid. This easy test only takes a moment for each eye.
In July 2019, Huntington Eye Care of 755 Park Avenue in Huntington, celebrated its one year anniversary of joining OCLI, one of the country's premier ophthalmology practices. The theme of the anniversary celebration was, "Vision's Role in Emotional Happiness," and several activities took place at the event.
As you approach 50 years old, you’ve discovered that that neither your distance nor your reading glasses work very well for your computer.
Annual eye examinations involve much more than just checking for glasses. For routine eye care, a thorough eye exam includes many individual components to assess eye health.
Refraction is the process of measuring the eyes with lenses to determine the best corrected vision, whether or not the patient desires wearing eyeglasses.
The most common reason people fail in contact lenses due to discomfort or poor vision is an improper contact lens fit or prescription.
Night vision, also known as scotopic vision, refers to the ability to see in dimly-lit environments. Aging, sunlight exposure, nutritional deficiencies and certain medical issues can all lead to decreased night vision.

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