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Ancient remedy more effective against MRSA

040915Researchers discovered
Researchers discovered an ancient remedy for treating the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the Bald's Leechbook, which is one of the earliest known medical textbooks. Detailed instructions for creating the "eyesalve" remedy allowed researchers to recreate and then test it. The salve was first tested on cultures of MRSA and the results were astounding. The established culture of a few billion cells was reduced to just a few thousand cells left alive. The U.K. research team then asked a team in the U.S. to test the remedy in a live organism and they again found it to be more effective than today's antibiotics. Up to 90% of MRSA bacteria were killed in wound biopsies from mice.  An additional three batches of the treatment were made and all of them produced the same results and it maintains its potency for quite some time after being stored in bottles and refrigerated. While researchers admit that despite the success in the lab, it's not certain that it will actually work as an antibiotic, but they are extremely optimistic regarding its potential.*

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