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Are computer eyeglass coatings worth the money?

People in their 50's and older often require a separate computer eyeglass prescription.

The popular trending item these days is computer glasses that are touted to filter out blue light from computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. Overexposure to blue light is blamed for any myriad of health problems according to ads for the glasses. But are these claims accurate? Evidence of such harm has not been found. There is no evidence that the kind or amount of light coming from our digital screens is harmful to our eyes. While blue light exposure may be a valid concern, the American Academy of Ophthalmology does not recommend any special eyewear for computer use. A  2015 study found that the amount of radiation coming from a computer does not cause any eye disease. The study found that there is no measurable Ultraviolet A or B radiation from computer monitors. Dry eye and digital eye strain is caused by how people use their screens and less frequent blinking while working, and not by what is emitted by the screens. Anti-reflective coating on eyeglasses DOES reduce glare, but special coatings for computer screens are not yet scientifically justified.*

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