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COVID-19 Can Spread Through Eyes

While everyone is mindful and aware of the warnings to wash your hands and avoid touching your face, taking care to not touch your eyes is just as important.

blue eye

In rare cases, coronavirus may also cause pink eye. Perhaps 1-3% of people with coronavirus will have pink eye. 

Coronavirus spreads in virus particles when a person sneezes or coughs and these particles are not only inhaled but can also enter through your eyes. Touching any kind of hard surface like a table or doorknob and then touching your eyes can then transmit the virus.

During this pandemic, eye care providers are being urges to discontinue seeing patients except for urgent or emergency care to help limit the spread of the virus as to well conserve crucial medical supplies (masks and gloves) so that they can be distributed to hospitals where they are needed most. If you currently receive eye injections, contact your eye care provider to determine what the protocol will be. If you suddenly lose some vision or have eye pain or headache, contact your eye care provider.

You can help protect yourself and others by switching to glasses rather than wearing contacts to possibility eliminate touching your eyes. In addition, wearing glasses may help shield you from virus droplets. If you are able to, stock up on any eye medicine prescriptions that you are currently taking. And most importantly, avoid rubbing your eyes. If you must touch your eyes, be sure and wash for 20 seconds before and after touching your eyes.

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