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VisiVite Subscribers Asked about Fear of Blindness

Thank you for completing the survey! I'll share the results with you in two weeks.

Dr. Krawitz

On June 17, 2020, VisiVite subscribers were sent the email below and asked to complete a two-question survey about their fear of blindness. Their responses are posted here.

Fear of Blindness

It is a cold fact that in ophthalmologists' office like my own, we take care of people who are blind.

Blindness, in the legal sense of the word, doesn't mean that everything is jet black, but instead vision that measures 20/200 or less in the better eye, even without glasses, as can occur with macular degeneration. Legal blindness can also mean very limited side vision, as can occur with glaucoma.

And while as doctors we can empathize with our patients, we can never really crawl into their shoes to understand everything they are experiencing.

Would you mind answering two simple questions to let me know if fear of blindness is something on your mind? Next time, I'll share with you what VisiVite users are thinking.

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