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VisiVite Eye Vitamin Customers Support Covid-19 Vaccination

By an overwhelming majority, VisiVite eye vitamin customers believe in vaccinations, trust the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine, and have either been already vaccinated or plan to be as soon as the vaccine becomes available to them.

HUNTINGTON, N.Y., March 1, 2021 - Hundreds of established customers of VisiVite eye vitamins, a well-known ocular supplement manufacturer for macular degeneration, were asked to provide their opinions and status regarding the available Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Their responses provide insight into adults who are eager to maintain their health.

Sixty percent of respondents received at least one dose of vaccine, a significantly higher degree of Americans in general, that is only partially explained by the average age of 68 years old. More unusually, an astounding 88% of respondents believe in the benefit of vaccines as a general concept, and 81% believe in the benefits of the available Covid-19 vaccines. FIfteen percent felt unsure, and only 3% did not believe in the vaccine's benefits. 

Although they are in favor of getting inoculated, a majority of respondents incorrectly believed that the vaccine created live or dead virus, becomes embedded in DNA, or did not know that mRNA works to create spike proteins that resemble those on the coronavirus.

VisiVite customers were much more accepting of vaccinations, including getting the Covid-19 vaccine for themselves compared with data on the American population as a whole. This may be the bias of their increased age or overall attention to their health. However, the majority do not understand the safety and temporary nature of the vaccine. By continuing to communicate the cellular mechanism of the Pflzer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, the acceptance of these may improve, which would have lasting and important health benefits for the country as a whole.

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