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Omega-3 fish oils may be the key to prevention of diabetic retinopathy

Retinopathy is a major cause of blindness and is becoming even more prevalent with the increase of obesity in Americans. A new study indicates that omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent the development of diabetic retinopathy. The study is detailed in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Mice were fed a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and researchers discovered that this prevented the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the retina. The omega-3 was converted into an acid called 4-HDHA which slowed the? growth of the abnormal blood vessels. Another benefit of this finding is that omega-3 is not affected by medicines such as aspirin or other painkillers. This is important? since many diabetic patients take aspirin to prevent heart disease.? Clinical trials of omega-3 supplements in patients with advanced macular degeneration are expected to conclude in 2013.* Elise Ervin Staff Writer

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