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Online visual acuity test cleared by FDA

The Visibly Digital Acuity Product, which is an online visual acuity test, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

This visual acuity test is a web-based, self-guided software application that people can access by either a computer or mobile device. It's recommended for use for adults aged 22 to 40 years who are capable of performing an in-home self-test to evaluate visual acuity.

The application, however, is not to be used as a diagnostic tool for screening for eye disease or to determine eye health. The recommendations the person receives from the application are meant to be supportive recommendations that can be used by the person's eye care provider along with their medical history and prior corrective prescription lenses to help with proper care.

Once the visual acuity test is completed, the results are sent to the eye care professional for the person to follow-up with in an in-person office visit.


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