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Optometrists more likely than ophthalmologists to recommend eye supplements

A recent study was conducted among Swedish optometrists and ophthalmologists that examined use of nutritional supplements, dietary advice, smoking and eye diseases and strength of evidence and the sources of information used for supplement recommendations.

Optometrists responded at a much higher rate to the questionnaire used in the study at a rate of 40.3% compared to the surprisingly low rate of 5% for ophthalmologists. What the study found was that optometrists were more likely than ophthalmologists to recommend nutritional supplements for macular degeneration and offered more dietary advice for patients suffering from macular degeneration or other eye disease. On the flip side, ophthalmologists were more likely than optometrists to rely on evidence-based findings from the Age-Related Eye Disease Studies to make any recommendations for nutritional supplements to treat macular degeneration or to recommend quitting smoking.*

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